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FEBRUARY 24, 25, 26TH 


"When you no longer see your life through the eyes of your own limitation or through the eyes of others expectation. You have the opportunity to tell a different story altogether"



We don't know what we don't know, right? Self awareness doesn't just mean knowing when you feel happy or sad or even how your past has effected you. The way we look at the world, interact with others, how we show up for our life is governed by our beliefs. Not just about ourselves, but about other people, our current situation or experiences, the world, success and our spiritual beliefs. I like to refer to this as our 'cage' 

How big is yours? In this class I want go deep into the power of great self-awareness!  




"The secret of Change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old. But in building the new"

- Socrates -


Personal growth is an act of self love. Choosing to invest in yourself with time, energy and money is the best time, energy and money you will ever spend. 


In this class we will talk teach you how identify what that looks like for you and how you do it.




How would it feel for you to KNOW that whatever it is you desire was available to you? When I speak to women one of the biggest things they wish for is to be more confident. Do you think having a deep understanding of who you are, knowing what you want and how to communicate that well would give you more confidence. 

Confidence is in an inside job.  

Happiness is an inside job.

Self love is an inside job.

And thats just for starters... The things I have learnt have changed my life and always for the better. 

I want to inspire you to go to work on YOURSELF!